At Daisy HR we recognise that many organisations have neither the budget nor the need for a full time HR processional. Unfortunately, the employment laws apply however many staff you employ. The ever increasing mountain of legislation, both to understand, and implement, coupled with the risk of a costly tribunal if you get wrong, means the targeted support of a flexible HR professional is something every orgaistaion should consider.

Daisy HR have been providing such services for over 15 years, providing local SMEs, family owned businesses and larger organisations with tailored HR advice and support, in a cost effective framework.

How does it work?

Daisy HR would typically provide an audit of your existing position, and offer advice and solutions to fill the gaps. This allows for a tailored solution designed to match your budget. We can ensure you are legally compliant, and provide a suite of letters and toolkits to support your policies, procedures and written terms of engagement.

In addition, Daisy will come on your site, work alongside your team, to provide on the moment advice on the specific issue. We can attend the meetings, and draft all the necessary correspondence until the matter is resolved. A professional HR consultant on your site, only for the areas you need addressing, for the time it requires, which is reflected in the amount you pay.

Tailored, focused flexible advice guaranteeing solutions for your working environment.